Mobile Data Collection Application

Our specialized tool for data collection helps gather online data using android mobile devices. The system is developed using Open data kit (ODK). As data is inserted into digital devices directly during surveys, it reduces chances of human error while entering data collected on papers. Moreover, certain data such as actual physical location from where the data is gathered (e.g. longitude, latitudes) can directly be captured on the devices. Our platform provides both subjective and objective data gathering directly into devices. This is faster than traditional approach of data collection as it does not require re-entry of collected data into the system. Product has offline saving capabilities for environments with no internet connectivity. Collected data can either directly be sent to the server or can be saved for future review on the device itself. Data can be saved partially or fully on the device and can be edited further before being sent to the server. This provides flexibility in terms of continuity of work from previous left over and direct data upload to the server.

Activity Mapper

Activity Mapper convey the importance of your cause in a visually appealing and compelling way. And, they can give individuals from around the world a chance to experience the work you have done. We help organizations to make use of these kinds of tools to identify the distribution of project activities in answering questions like what and where. Activity Mapper enables convergence, sharing and use of interactive Internet geographical information system (GIS) based technologies that will provide more visibility to showcase your organizational activities among donors, decision makers and public in general using more user friendly and intuitive approaches.

Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME)

Our PME system provides guidance and options for development organization’s project managers and counterparts to improve planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E) activities in the context of results based project management. It enables accurate measuring the performance of project initiatives and improving effectiveness and efficiency thereafter.

PME will be useful:
- While setting up systems for data collection during the planning phases of a project
- To analyze data collected through the monitoring process
- To know how efficiently and how effectively project is running
- To evaluate the impact of the work

iManage provides improved access, interactive use and exchange of data, information and knowledge in a more organized and easy manner. The system is designed and built as a customizable system components and special focus is provided by establishing a simple and easy management of information resources for effortless information authoring, publishing and archiving. This framework provides techniques that assist in the development of ideal information environment. The system is being designed keeping in mind that even users with less or no technical background can use, operate, manage and maintain the web portal involving diverse user community and remote locations. Keeping this in view, the content publishing system will be provided with the editor i.e. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor for easy authoring and publishing the content.

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